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When is my Oil Change really due?

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When asked, you may hear answers such as every 3000, 5000 or 7500 miles, or when the vehicle's oil monitor indicates that this service is necessary. It is no wonder consumers are confused. The simplest answer... well, there is no simple answer! In fact, there is no interval that applies to most vehicles.

The engine serves as the heart of your vehicle, so changing its oil and filter based on the manufacturer's recommendation is perhaps the single most important thing that you can do to keep your vehicle's engine running longer. Oil in a car is like blood in our bodies – it flows throughout the car’s engine and keeps everything running smoothly. Frequent oil and filter changes are essential in increasing the life of your car and its performance. However, you must read these recommendations closely to determine the correct interval; the interval that matches your vehicle's operating conditions and your driving habits.

The Normal interval listed in the owner's manual applies to vehicles driven under ideal conditions. While you may consider your driving habits and operating conditions quite normal, read the fine print. Some exceptions to Normal driving include:
  • Frequent short trips (less than 10 miles, especially during cold weather)
  • Stop-and-go city traffic driving
  • Driving in dusty conditions, on gravel roads, etc.
  • Driving at sustained highway speeds during hot weather
  • Towing use
  • Diesel or turbocharged engine
These conditions commonly appear in the description of severe service driving.
We advise that you read your owner's manual to locate the correct interval.

What about the 3000 mile oil change myth?

Consider these facts:
  • Oil requires complex additives and detergents to help prevent corrosion and sludge buildup
  • Additives allow oil to flow freely at extremely cold temperatures while also providing protection under extremely hot temperatures
  • Testing shows that after 3000 miles the oil itself still lubricates, but the depletion of critical additives may no longer allow the oil to offer the same protection and benefits
  • Longer intervals may benefit the environment, but perhaps at the expense of engine life
  • Re-refined oils offer an alternative for motorists with concerns about the environment
  • Re-refined oils use the remaining lubricating qualities of used oil, and replenish the depleted additives to create oils that meet the quality of new oil


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  • @Bello Adeoe,
    How long have you been using the mineral oil? If your engine is still in great shape(low mileage), then yes you can switch to synthetic oil or you could do the synthetic blend. With the synthetic oil, you can go up to 6months before oil change.

    @Toufiq, thanks for the kind words. The engine oil changes colour because it traps dirt in your engine. This is ok. However make sure you are using a good quality oil then follow your manufacturer recommended oil change interval.

    @Uchena, we are sorry to hear about this and we strongly recommend against using Engine flush due to the design of modern engines.

    MrParts on
  • Sir, is it advisable for one to change his car engine oil from Mineral engine oil to Semi-Synthetic?
    More so. How often should one change the Engine oil if the car does not go more than 20km per week.

    Bello Adeoe on
  • Very educative peace.
    Sometimes it says when the engine oil looks dull, it’s due for change. What about that?

    Toufiq on
  • Very educative peace.
    Sometimes it says when the engine looks dull, it’s due for change. What about that?

    Toufiq on
  • I used engine flush & it caused my engine to start smoking & a little knocking sound. What will I do

    uchenna obianwu on

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